Our History

The Wyckoff Deli has been serving the Residents of Wyckoff and the Wyckoff area for over 50 Years. The tradition began when the store was opened in its original and current location by Wilbert Yoke, better known to his customers and the community as Shoobie. The reins were handed to Frank Grosso in 1985. Frank continued the tradition of quality homemade foods adding his own personalized items and flare but always maintaining the original look and feel of the original establishment.

Today, the tradition continues with Joe Hughes at the helm. Joe has been in the deli business for over twenty years.  The deli is owned by Joe and his partners, one of whom was once a deli clerk for both Shoobie and Frank during his high school and college days. 

The deli offers all of you these old favorites:
 - Homemade soups
 - Hot Foods
 - Cold salads
Joe has introduced new items that incorporate current food trends including:
 - Low carb foods and sandwiches
 - Daily specials
 - Variety of tossed salads
 - Gourmet hot meals
 - Full line of catering